New Collection

So, girls… after a great winter season Loilé is about to receive it’s new spring collection! And as this occasion only happens once a year, we are going to make it more special! We want to invite all our loyal and new costumers to a sweet and enjoyable afternoon were you’ll be able to check our new collection and discuss a little about the season trends! And a plus, those who re-tweet AND attend the event, will be un the run to win special discounts on the shop!

Loilé’s afternoon will also have tea and cupcakes, both sponsored by our two favorite brands: Cupcakes r yum (@cupcakesryumo) and Tea Tock (@teatock). Don’t forget to follow them on twitter!

So, it has all ingredients to be a great afternoon!! Invite your friends and don’t forget to re-tweet the invitation on our Twitter!

Date: Saturday, 12 of March

Where: Loilé at Kennedy St, 230

Time: 3pm

In the mean time before Saturday, check our posts with more about fashion trends for spring!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cupcakesryumo
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 05:06:00

    I recognise those cupcakes! Thanks Loilé we will indeed be working together for this exciting event and the team at Cupcakes r yum are looking forward to it.

    As you know cupcakes are really not that removed from fashion. Check out some of the cupcakes that we have made for other fashion events on my Blog. Sorry folks I can’t post a picture of the cupcakes that will feature at this exclusive event, because just like Spring weather and Spring fashion you will just have to wait!

    Loilé you may also like to refer to the future post on my Blog regarding Cupcake Couture which details various styles and trends you may wish to consider for this event…something to think about anyway.

    RSVP via twitter Loilé @loilemode and remember to also follow Teatock @teatock and us at Cupcakes r yum @cupcakesryumo


  2. Nathalia
    Mar 10, 2011 @ 18:28:35

    I’m looking forwards for the event and also the new posts!
    Already following on Twitter!


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